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July Newsletter [2018]

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Hey everyone,

As summer is coming to an end (or winter for you Australians), I proudly bring to you July's newsletter. This is indeed our first ever newsletter to be released onto the forums so please expect minor tweaks to future articles. Nevertheless, be sure to be on the lookout on the forums for monthly newsletters regarding staff updates, top voter/donator, and more! Enjoy.

:mc_264-0:TOP VOTER

First off, please show some love to @iTzRyxnnn for being Fatalium's top voter for July! Keep in mind that voting does benefit our server and doing so may result in sweet perks or items.

:mc_322-0:TOP DONATOR (Coming Soon...)...

Long Live the Fatalium Network!

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The Fatalium Network
The Fatalium Network is the new and improved ProPlayz Network. Not only does this network have lower latency, faster server speeds, and cleaner code, but it looks a lot better. As you can see major changes have been made to the forum, portal, punishment panel, vote link site, and donation store. To view full changes made to the various sections of the website, please view the CHANGE LOG.

You may have also noticed that all the threads and users have been cleared. If you previously had an account with us, please feel free to make a new one. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you need...

Staff Application Information

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Staff Application Information
If you are an active member of our community and feel like you have what it takes to become a staff team member, you can apply to become one. There are a few requirements that you will need to meet before you can apply for our network.

  • Age Requirement: 13 - We are looking for maturity.
  • Active member on our Discord server - You must be an active member of our public Discord server.
  • Ability to Talk on Discord - You must be able to call on Discord.
  • Know the Rules -...

Forum Rules

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Forum Rules
These rules apply to the whole Fatalium Network forum. Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.
  • Do not post something with less than three characters, meaning you cannot post "ty" or ":D" as this is spam posting. Instead, you can put, "Thanks :D" which would not be considered spam.
  • Do not create threads if directed towards a certain member (unless it's a report, etc.). These threads are unnecessary and create hostility, arguments. You can prevent this by messaging them through a private conversation instead.
  • Do not create thread titles that are not relevant to your topic. For example, do not put your title as "IM DYING" if you are talking about how amazing Fatalium is. It's unnecessary and "clickbait". Title threads appropriately.
  • Do not swear in...

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